What Was Brian Kelly’s Salary at Notre Dame?

Brian Kelly was one of the highest-paid coaches in college football, and he had a long track record of success as a head coach. However, he was a little overpaid, and he had a lot of debt to pay off.

On Monday, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly surprised the college football world when he decided to leave the Irish for LSU. He signed a 10-year deal with LSU that will put him among the top-paid coaches in college football history.

The deal pays Kelly $9.5 million per year, excluding incentives. That is the biggest coaching contract in college football history, according to USA Today.

In addition to his base salary, he will also receive bonuses for performance-based incentives. These can include things like postseason eligibility, national championship awards, and coach of the year awards.

He will also be eligible for a buyout if he is fired at any point during the contract. That will be 90% of his remaining base salary, supplemental compensation, and longevity compensation, payable in monthly installments through the remainder of his contract.

How Much Does Brian Kelly Make at Notre Dame?

The University of Notre Dame paid Brian Kelly north of $3 million during the 2020 season, according to federal tax documents. The Fighting Irish also paid head men’s basketball coach Mike Brey $2,500,587 and athletic director Jack Swarbrick $1,736,742, the school’s Form 990 shows.

Kelly’s contract with the Irish, which he signed in December 2009, included a base salary of $700,000 plus supplemental compensation. He also received a longevity bonus that was worth $500,000 every July that he remained employed by the school.

Despite Kelly’s hefty pay, the Fighting Irish are still in violation of NCAA rules. The school has been stripped of 21 wins over the last two seasons because of academic improprieties, and the Department of Justice is investigating recruiting practices.

LSU hired Kelly Tuesday, reportedly in a deal that will make him the second-highest paid college football coach in the country. His 10-year, $95 million contract includes incentives that will push it well past $100 million in total value.

How Much Did Brian Kelly Get Paid to Go to LSU?

When Brian Kelly took over as head coach of LSU, he was one of the highest paid college football coaches in the nation. The deal he signed is reported to be worth well over $100 million, according to Matt Fortuna and Brody Miller of The Athletic.

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In his first year as a head coach, Kelly led the Tigers to 10 wins and an SEC Championship game. The program also won the Citrus Bowl.

As it turns out, however, LSU overpaid Kelly by $1 million in 2022. That was due to a clerical error that caused one-too-many direct deposits to an LLC set up in Kelly’s name.

After the errors were discovered, the two parties came to an agreement that recoups the money. This will likely involve dedications from future salary payments.

In addition to his base salary, Kelly will receive a $9.5 million supplemental pay that will increase by $250,000 for each time the Tigers win a conference championship or national title. He will also be eligible to earn a $500,000 bonus each time he’s named a “bowl-eligible” coach.

What are the Top Salaries at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis received more than $2 million in 2014, according to the university’s latest federal tax return. That figure, which surpassed the total compensation of all athletics employees, included about $1.1 million in base pay and $225,000 in bonus compensation.

Weis has received more than $10.3 million from Notre Dame in the past seven years, according to the school’s records. Men’s basketball coach Mike Brey also received more than $1.15 million from a multimedia rights company that handles Notre Dame athletics.

The University of Notre Dame has an average starting salary of $53,796 for its undergraduate students. That’s higher than the national average of $41,701 for college graduates, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

However, that average includes graduates of several majors, including humanities, architecture and music. Graduates in the College of Business, meanwhile, earned the second-highest average first-year salaries at Notre Dame.

The University of Notre Dame is a top-ranked school by earnings one year out of college, according to US Department of Education data. Its graduates who work earn an average of $63,100 a year after six years and $98,800 a year after ten.

Why Did Brian Kelly Quit at Notre Dame?

After a 12-year tenure that included an 113-40 record and two BCS National Championship Game appearances, Brian Kelly decided to leave Notre Dame for a job at LSU. The move caught most everyone by surprise, but in the end, it was a good decision for both Kelly and the Irish.

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While there are a few reasons why Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU, one of the main ones was because he wanted to take the job on the biggest stage possible. At LSU, he will have the opportunity to compete for a national championship in his first season.

It will also mean that he will get paid for every game the Tigers win, which is a big deal in college football. That can mean a lot of money for the right coach, especially if it is in the SEC.

When he was at Notre Dame, Kelly had a reputation for being able to recruit top-tier talent. He had success with his quarterbacks, but he also had to navigate a lot of attrition and other issues.

What is the Buyout For Brian Kelly?

After a shocking move last November to LSU, Brian Kelly has finally agreed to a buyout that will pay him to take over as the head coach at the Southeastern Conference powerhouse. As part of the deal, the former Notre Dame head coach will make a 10-year deal worth $95 million, before incentives kick in.

He will also pick up annual $500k retention bonuses each year he remains at the school. Adding those to his salary, this is one of the largest contracts in college football history.

According to the terms of the agreement, Kelly’s buyout will depend on whether he wins a national championship or not. The buyout is worth 100 percent of his remaining contract if he wins a national title, and 90 percent if he doesn’t win a title.

In the meantime, he’s bringing stability and success to a program that had been in turmoil under Lou Holtz. Currently, Notre Dame is ranked fourth in the country and has won at least ten games in each of the past three seasons.

How Much are Notre Dame Football Coaches Paid?

Brian Kelly’s salary at Notre Dame is not made public. However, his total compensation is widely believed to have been much more than what is reported annually.

A number of the top head coaches in college football are making a lot of money. Nick Saban of Alabama and Lincoln Riley of USC make more than $10 million per season, and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney is one of the highest paid coaches in the country.

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Another coach who is raking in big money is Jeff Hafley of Boston College, who was reportedly earning nearly $3 million each year under his contract before he recently signed a five-year extension.

While many coaches in the Power 5 receive a large salary, they also earn bonuses and other incentives for success. For example, David Shaw of Stanford is one of the highest paid coaches in the Pac-12, but he has a low overall win percentage.

Other notable coaches include Gary Patterson of TCU and Justin Fuente of Virginia Tech. Both of these coaches were axed in October 2021 after their teams got off to slow starts.

Who is Highest Paid College Football Coach?

In college football, coaches can be a huge money-maker for their teams. There are many ways to make money as a coach, including media obligations and bonuses.

There are a lot of coaches making a lot of money in college football, but the highest paid is Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. He makes $10.5 million per year and has won two national championships.

Several other SEC coaches have made their way into the top 10 on this list, as well. Alabama head coach Nick Saban is in second place with a salary of $9.9 million for 2022, while Kentucky coach Kirby Smart is a close third with a base salary of $10.45 million.

The list continues to get bigger as more and more coaches are cashing in on their success. Lane Kiffin is a good example, as he was able to turn around the Mississippi Rebels in just a few years.

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