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Sword and Wand, Inc

As a mid level Systems Designer for an unannounced IP, you’ll contribute to an intricate web of design systems that deliver an engaging 3rd person action co-op experience. The gameplay focuses on a unique core mechanic that pushes the design team to solve interesting problems. The design team will work to make sure that combat, exploration, traversal, missions, and progression all tie into our central mechanic.

But, more than that, we are in pursuit of a resonant and holistic player experience beyond gameplay. You’ll work with all disciplines such as art, narrative, and engineering to find cohesive solutions that bring life to our game.

About Sword and Wand

Founded in March of 2022, Sword and Wand is a fully remote studio based in the United States by industry veterans with past experience at Turtle Rock, Monolith, Volition, and other AAA studios.

Backed by VC funding, we are building the next great co-operative PVE third person action game for PC and Consoles.

Our core focus is in enabling people to play games together – both internally as developers and in creating amazing, connected experiences for our fans.

Our studio strives to provide the support, tools, and opportunity for our developers to do their best work. We also believe that the best work comes from developers in an environment of growth, empathy, and mutual respect.

If you’re interested in creating memorable games and contributing to our diverse team, we want to hear from you.

What You’ll Take On

  • Tackling challenges across all of the game’s major systems from combat to progression.

  • Championing systems you create and share them with the team through documentation, presentations, and conversations.

  • Pioneering innovative solutions as we push 3rd person action co-op games into a new and interesting direction.

  • Designing new abilities for playable characters that amplify their identity both mechanically and narratively.

  • Constructing dynamic and challenging enemy behaviors for players to overcome.

  • Intertwining your designs into progression so that players find a sense of growth and satisfaction.

  • Helping to design procedural mission systems that keep players engaged.

  • Bringing your designs to life in Unreal through scripting, prototyping, and iteration.

  • Weaving together systems with art and narrative to build a web of compelling gameplay experiences.

What You Bring

  • 2+ years of systems design experience in areas such as combat, enemy AI, missions, or progression.

  • A deep understanding of game systems that allows you to deconstruct them and build something new.

  • Comfort with presenting, self-critique, and incorporating feedback from the team.

  • Understanding how your own designs affect the rest of the game and working towards a cohesive experience.

  • Enthusiasm for cross team collaboration and problem solving.

  • Interest in the fantasy, cosmic horror, science fiction, and adventure genres.

  • Excelling in a remote work environment.

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