Narrative Designer

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Sparks Glencoe, MD, USA
Firaxis Games


Firaxis Games is looking for a talented narrative systems designer to join one of our AAA development teams. The ideal candidate is creative and highly articulate, as they will be responsible for the creative implementation of dialogue and will work to maximize and improve our Player-facing narrative systems. They would work in close collaboration with the writing team and must have a strong understanding of story and drama. Using their technical expertise, this person will establish narrative pacing, create and script branching dialogue, and help develop narrative arcs and systems.



·       Distills narrative summaries into outlines/story beats.

·       Evaluates mission designs to determine dialogue sequence and timing.

·       Develops new narrative systems to integrate with new gameplay.

·       Improves narrative logic in existing narrative systems.

·       Creates placeholder dialogue assets (branching and linear) with narrative stubs.

·       Implements conditional scripting of dialogue logic for all dialogue assets.

·       Reviews scripts produced by the writing team to identify opportunities for connective lines.

·       Evaluates narrative content for consistent clarity and characterization.

·       Responds to internal review data to ensure narrative comprehension.



·       3+ years as a Narrative Designer, or other position with commensurate duties.

·       Capable of technical implementation across a variety of narrative systems.

·       Exceptional communications and problem-solving skills.

·       The ability to adapt tone and style to different genres/game-environments.



·       Unreal 4+ Engine experience.

·       Familiarity with Marvel characters.

·       Experience with maintaining internal documentation – lore bibles, internal wikis, etc.