Mid to Senior-Level Unreal Developer @ Glowstick

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Glowstick is seeking a Mid to Senior-Level Unreal Engine Gameplay Programmer to join our team. You will be working directly with the Engineering Team and Lead Engineer to integrate gameplay logic and systems via C++ and Blueprint. You will need to have prior experience working in C++ and Unreal with at least one shipped product that was produced with a team – bonus points if the product/s were shipped on multiple platforms (PC/Mac/Mobile/Game Consoles). Ideal candidates will have strong and demonstrable knowledge of Unreal (UE4 and/or UE5), should understand how to handle scaleable optimizations for both low and high end computer specs, should have a strong understanding of C++, Blueprints, and an understanding of how to use and implement graphical elements within Unreal including skyboxes, materials/shaders, and particle systems from a Blueprint and Programming standpoint (not creating them, but implementing ones supplied by artists).


  • Work directly with the Lead Engineer and engineering team to help define the technical design of systems and project architecture, and to build out and program the designed architecture.

  • Design, develop and maintain scaleable Unreal code and systems in C++ and Blueprint that can be extended and grown for 10+ years.

  • Communicate with the Art Team as necessary to integrate graphical elements, and to acquire graphical elements needed to complete given tasks.

  • Ensure that code is strong, functional, and long-term capable.

  • Work with other engineers to review each other’s code.

  • As an experienced Unreal developer, help guide the technical plans, designs and strategies of the overall project by giving feedback and guidance on Unreal specific elements.


  • Passion for creating tools that expose people’s creativity.

  • High skills in C++. Knowledge in C# is a bonus.

  • The desire and capability to continue to learn and build upon existing skills.

  • 4+ years game development or equivalent experience with at least 1 shipped product built with a team.

  • 2 + years of Unreal experience with at least 1 shipped product built in Unreal.

  • Having worked on at least one shipped product that was produced for multiple platforms (PC/Mac as well as Mobile/Xbox/PlayStation/Switch) is a bonus.

  • Self-motivated and both comfortable and able to work with a fully remote team.

  • Strong communication skills, especially in working with a fully remote team in multiple time zones.

  • Having an understanding of user-created entertainment (IE: Minecraft, YouTube creators, Roblox, etc.) is a bonus.


Glowstick is a social platform where users can create and share 3D animations, games, and experiences in minutes. We are a team of world class engineers (Stanford AI, Last Gameboard, and Risk: Global Domination) as well as emmy-award winning 3D talent (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Black Panther 2, Top Gun: Maverick, Formula 1 Miami, and Red Bull). We’re also supported by an incredible group of institutional investors and angels from companies like Snap, Roblox, Niantic Labs, Wish and many others.


At Glowstick we love telling stories! After all, we’re building a 3D storytelling tool and platform! If you also love telling (or consuming) stories, building worlds, or broadly thinking about what next-gen 3D characters, environments, and IPs will look like, come work with us! We offer ultra-competitive salaries, and you will join a team of experts that care deeply about your growth and success.