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Remote Market Manager South Africa

nAbout the Company:nnCurrently valued at $1B and backed by leading investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase Ventures, Worldcoin is a new, collectively owned global currency that will be distributed fairly to as many people as possible. Worldcoin will launch by giving a free share to everyone on Earth. We believe that this is an essential step to accelerate the transition towards a more inclusive global economy, providing new ways for everyone to share future prosperity. We hope you’ll join us on our ambitious journey.nAbout the Team:nnThe Growth team is responsible for overseeing the launch strategy and deployment of Worldcoin in different markets. The Growth team also serves as the primary point of contact for local Operators, running Operator recruitment and selection, supporting Operators, and ensuring optimal performance. Overall, the Growth team is on the frontlines of Worldcoin’s ambitious mission of global, inclusive, and rapid distribution of the Worldcoin token.nnThe Growth team is broken up into two sub-teams: (1) Expansion Operations team and (2) Growth Operations. Both teams provide input into the growth strategy. Once a new market is selected, the Expansion Operations team focuses on entering that market, from recruiting Orb Operators to running local marketing initiatives. Then the Growth Operations team steps in, focusing on scaling within the new market by generating inbound and outbound initiatives to drive user adoption and improve Orb efficiency.nAbout the Opportunity:nnWe are looking for experienced, highly motivated individuals based in South Africa to drive user adoption as part of the Growth Operations team. Market Managers coordinate and support a network of local Orb Operators and, ultimately, oversee the design and implementation of growth strategy and operations within their respective region. nnKey Responsibilities:nnn* nBuild. Build and maintain relationships with Orb Operators across your region. Provide motivation, advice, and support to the Operators in order to ensure optimal performance and hit regional growth goals. nnn* nStrategize. Design and execute local growth strategy by analyzing internal data and market insights and leveraging local opportunities. Conduct market research and run data analysis to inform decision making.nnn* nStrengthen. Continuously strive to improve Operator operations by strengthening internal processes and logistics, while providing feedback to relevant teams.nnn* nCollaborate. Work cross-functionally with many teams, including Product and Economics, to ensure that Operators are incentivized properly and users stay engaged and contribute to further growth.nnnnnAbout You:nnn* nYou have 4+ years of relevant experience. You have succeeded in high-performance operations, business development, or sales roles in South Africa before.nnn* nYou’re scrappy. You enjoy working as part of a fast-moving, dynamic team and are willing to contribute wherever needed to make an impact.nnn* nYou have strong cross-cultural competency. You are able to communicate and do business across different cultures and countries and have experience working in cross-cultural environments.nnn* nYou have strong interpersonal skills. You are able to manage and nurture high-performing relationships with local Orb Operators in Sub-Saharan Africa. You know that no two people are the same and are able to mediate and resolve conflicts.nnn* nYou’re innovative. You love coming up with solutions to unconventional problems and taking action. nnn* nYou’re analytical. You make data-driven decisions and are eager to contribute to larger strategy conversations.nnn* nYou’re based in South Africa, and are ready to travel. You have extensive experience living and working in South Africa, but are also able to spend 50-75% of your time on the road to drive growth in your region.nnnn nn#Salary and compensationn
No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Design, Marketing, Sales and Digital Nomad jobs that are similar:nn
$65,000 — $112,500/yearn
nn#LocationnSouth Africa, Remote