Graphics Programmer

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Atlanta, GA, USA
Lionheart Games

Lionheart Games is looking for an experienced Graphics Programmer with a strong desire to contribute to every aspect of development, and who knows what it means to take responsibility and deliver excellent results. You have the skills and knowledge to contribute significantly to the visual fidelity and efficient rendering of games on mobile devices.


Joining us means being part of a team with the passion and inherent drive to create innovative, high-performing games. We are intellectually curious and excited to apply the latest game development innovations to our projects. In this role, you will have the opportunity to be part of an entrepreneurial environment that embraces new and different ideas. Everyone at Lionheart Games is excited about creating the best mobile games possible, and we empower one another to learn and grow from our collective experiences. All of this means more chances for you to unleash your ingenuity, energy, collaboration, and dedication.



  • Lead our efforts to create world-class 3D anime graphics

  • Extend current graphics-related systems and tools to fit requirements of our game(s)

  • Maintain deep knowledge of, and improve upon, modern rendering techniques
  • Use shading languages such as Vulcan / GLSL or Metal Shading Language to improve our games

  • Identify, convey, and solve complex technical issues to both programmers and less technical team members
  • Understand complex relationships between written code and its execution on underlying hardware

  • Optimize code (memory/speed) to maximize the capabilities of each platform, including multi-threading

  • Write clear, maintainable, highly functional and portable C++ code

  • Serve as local expert for entire graphics engine architecture, from game interface to graphics API




  • 3-5 years of professional game development experience with a focus on graphics

  • Comfortable with C++ and excellent 3D mathematics

  • Strong knowledge of both iOS and Android ecosystems, including mobile shaders and hardware limitations

  • Experience profiling and optimizing both CPU and GPU utilization

  • Capacity to teach, learn from, and build connections with experienced developers from diverse backgrounds (e.g., from a non-games or non-technical background)

  • Thrive in an environment of independence and responsibility without assigned tasks

  • Great interpersonal skills; an open and respectful attitude towards others and their work

  • Passion for computer graphics and anime

  • IMPORTANT: All applicants, regardless of experience, must be willing to take and pass a test evaluating your relevant skills. 




  • 7+ years of applicable graphics programming experience

  • Graduate (or higher) education in the field of Computer Science

  • Experience with networking and real-time online multiplayer games for mobile devices

  • Experience with game editor plugins/modification

  • Prior work on anime or heavily stylized games reliant on shaders for achieving artistic vision