“Art Director”

  • Anywhere

Atlanta, GA, USA
Lionheart Games

We are looking for an experienced “Art Director” (exceptional anime portfolio required) who won’t just direct, concept, or share opinions on our games, but will also execute and produce game art themselves. Gaming and anime is more than just a job for you; it’s a passion, lifestyle, and healthy obsession. You’re motivated to create the most engaging worlds mobile has to offer, and bring to life characters that players will love for generations to come. You know the best way to do this is hands-on, surrounded by software engineers, artists, designers, and others who share your passion and drive. 


People successful in this role are intellectually curious and comfortable filling many art roles on a team with minimal oversight. You thrive in an entrepreneurial and independent environment, and you’re not afraid to take calculated risks and trust in others. For this project, you should love anime and consume a lot of it — we are excited about pursuing an art form that is similar to many popular series from over the last decade. Our team is setting out to create an amazing new world, and we hope you will join us for the journey!



  • Create beautiful characters, assets, and environments

  • Strong ability to develop anime art for mobile games, including mastery of at least one area: 2D, 3D, VFX, or Animation+Rigging

  • Establish and refine a unified artistic vision, style, and quality standard

  • Team up with non-art developers to build and improve our games, emphasizing results over theory

  • Collaborate with external art developers abroad, reviewing and integrating their work

  • Understand and articulate art and design trade-offs; solve for best player experience

  • Stay informed on the latest industry-related art developments and harness that knowledge for the benefit of our games and teams




  • Anime-focused portfolio demonstrating your game-ready work in a matching art style

  • Strong understanding of cel-shaded games or high fidelity 2D anime games

  • Experience working with outsource partners as an integral and visually consistent part of the game’s art pipeline

  • Great interpersonal skills; humility and respect when receiving comments from your team

  • Passion for creating anime and mobile games

  • IMPORTANT: All applicants, regardless of experience, must be willing to take and pass a test evaluating your relevant skills.




  • 2D, 3D, VFX, or Animation+Rigging experience at an anime-focused game studio

  • 10+ years of applicable games industry experience

  • Experience creating and optimizing game art for mobile devices

  • Unreal Engine 4 and/or mobile game development experience

  • Bilingual: Mandarin, Korean, or Japanese (oral and written, fluency or professional only)