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Jackalope Jobs Obsesses Over Job Seekers

Job sites focus on serving the needs of recruiters, employers, and advertisers – not Jackalope Jobs, the job seeker comes first. Whether you’re unemployed or underemployed, we focus on finding you the right jobs and the right connections.

Flipping The Script On Job Searching

Three months to a year is the length of the average job search, but using Jackalope Jobs makes your job search faster and produces better results. Our web-based platform consolidates the practice of finding a new job through its intelligent search process, not just through keywords. We search your social profiles and those of your connections to provide the right openings and right connections that can help you land your dream job. Your connections through multiple social networks now can help you in your job search.

We Help Job Seekers Compete Differently

We understand hiring is becoming increasingly selective – that is why we want job seekers to compete for jobs differently. Instead of targeting job positions, we help you target those connections you already have with current employees at your prospective company to find the job you’ll love. Reaching out to your connections first gives you an advantage in your job search because you can find out more detailed insider information about the position, while potentially securing a referral for the employer’s consideration. To us, who you know is just as important as what you know.

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