Why You Need Special Shoes For BMX?

You are riding your BMX bicycle while practicing your upcoming competition when suddenly, you find the pedal uncomfortable as it hits your feet since it lacks padding and is almost worn down.

What do you do? Of course, you make a trip to your local store with the aim of purchasing new shoes. Though, how can you know if its strength can withstand the BMX race?

You don’t. Not with those ordinary shoes that can be broken anytime. What new riders do not know is that there are specialized shoes designed mainly for bike athletes. To know more about it, look for the features it shall possess to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride!

Why Are Specialized Shoes Recommended?

“What makes the shoes distinct from others?” is the question that most first time users are wondering, but as you acquire and use it, you would know the reason based on experience.

It impacts the overall performance in terms of the uneasiness of the rider if the special shoes are not used. It also improves the safety on terrains, as well as having sufficient padding for tough environments.

Never wear flip flops when biking, as they are not sturdy enough which does not provide comfort while riding. Instead, look for BMX shoe brands with good ankle support. The thick sole should also be observed for impacts. Since BMX racing usually does not have suspension, the shoes are useful to help with the impact.

Choosing Your BMX Shoes

When purchasing your BMX shoes, you would need a buying guide to ensure that you will have the one that can last for a long time, especially during racing.

To have a gist regarding the features that should be taken into consideration, here is the characteristic of specialized shoes based on a recommendation;


When looking at the sole, it is important to ensure that it is thick and is shock absorbent especially when you do tricks with your BMX bike. It is also considered as one of the essential parts of the shoe and the most likely to be damaged since it is located at the underpart of your shoes.

It is more important to know if it is sturdy enough especially on brakeless bikes in order to prevent any slight discomfort if an unexpected breakage of shoes happened while riding.


It is important to note the life expectancy of the shoes, to get insight if it is worth the price. Individually, check the approximate number of times in usage if available.

If not, there are reviews that can prove the quality of the product and where it is ideal for. Keep in mind that the wanted durability should coincide with the allotted budget to meet your expectations.


Some shoes have the indicated feature of being water resistant. Though, do not be fooled, for it is only applicable for light mist experiences. If it may rain heavily, your feet would still most likely get wet, and that is the only downfall.

Having thick or even twice the padding may prolong the shoes’ life, but it may mean that it would also take a long time for it to dry out especially on rainy days. Though, even with this occurrence, it is still advisable to have thick pads since most specialized shoes are not waterproof in any way.

Top 5 Preferred BMX Shoes

When riding, you would need a type of shoes that will let you pedal comfortably for a faster ride. If choosing the ideal shoes for you is a heck of a tough ride, then here are some of the recommended specialized shoes made just for you!

1. DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker


It is highly preferred due to its affordable price with an aesthetic look. The material comes with a durable leather upper that ensures the tough usage even in the long run. Its padding is also located towards the tongue and collar, which ensures comfort while riding.

Also, the rubber console grips or attaches to the pedal which helps you to ride more smoothly and easily. The ventilation also exists in its design, that provides air circulation which in turn prevents sweat on your feet.

2. Five Ten Women’s Free rider Bike Shoe

From this branding, it executes a high-friction capability suited for your ride and racing needs. It is sturdy enough to support the rider’s foot, with a polyester mesh and suede leather.

An intense ride can inflict no damage, that is seconded by its materials at hand. It also has a rubber outsole with patterns that allow you better control in your pedals while racing.

It also has shock resisting property for the protection of your toes and feet. The breathable mesh also allows the circulation of air freely, which helps it circulate on your feet.

3. Shimano Men’s Sh-Am5 Mountain Bike Shoe


The shoes are known not only by its features but also due to its stylish, unique, asymmetric design. Also, it has a high durability level and tough construction in leather that assures the withstanding of pressure. The rubber console also adds on to its durability.

The deeper threads in outsole also stabilize your feet from the pedals which allows a smooth ride. In it, the fully padded tongue makes the material comfortable and also promotes blood circulation. The loop straps also ensure that your shoe would not be caught in your tire or bike chain.

Final Words

Obtaining the specialized shoes for BMX does not only promote comfort but also encourages safety as you roundabout the destination using your bikes.

With this, not having the right shoes that can support your ride can be troublesome, since it may cause pain, or worse, break while in the middle of a race. In your local store, carefully check its material and assess its average lifespan depending on how often you travel, and how fast you shall acquire.

Do you feel uncomfortable when you pedal? If yes, buy BMX shoes that is made just for you!