Custom BMX Bikes? Where and How To Get One?

In the BMX industry, each rider has different styles in competitions. Some prefer lightweight over sturdiness, and vice versa depending on the kind of riding experience.

Professionals even modify their parts and accessories to compliment their preference, since it is not guaranteed that a single purchase can already satisfy one’s needs.

To be familiarized regarding the process and usage, the text will provide you with information to get you started!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Customizing Your BMX Bike

The process of customization solely depends on what type of rider you are. Specifically, trail riders prefer stability in their bikes, while park riders prefer a responsive, easy to control bikes.

Your height and comfortability are also some of the factors, as you can adjust the frame longer or shorter depending on what suits you best.

Though, you should keep in mind that not all bikes can be freely customized, which is why it is important to question the manufacturer or store owner regarding the extent of flexibility in your bikes.

Professional athletes customize their bikes on their own, while some stores already offer custom bikes depending on the preference of the majority.

With this, to ensure that you will be satisfied in the process of modification for your bikes, here is a step-by-step process on how to customize it;

1. Disassemble The Seat And Wheels of Your Bike

In the process, you need to loosen or unscrew the 2 outer bolts to release the tire, but the chain also needs to be disassembled from the sprocket to further get the tire out of its position.

Also, in modifying your seat, you flip the lever and lose the bolts beneath the seat so that the seat comes off the bike. You can tap on seat clamps using a hammer.

2. Disassemble The Chain

When dislocating the chain from the sprocket, the chain is still not fully disassembled. To remove it, find the master link in the chain and use pliers to take the clamp off and it would come off its position instantly.

Also, you should keep in mind to not lose the link or else you would not be able to put it again in its original position.

3. Disassemble The Brakes

Not all of the BMX bike has brakes, though, if your bike has brakes, you can disassemble it by loosening the bolt that is part of the braking system. You would notice the brake coming right of easily in the process.

For mountain bikes, the dislocation process is somehow complicated; that is why it is typically suggested to leave it the way it is. Some can still remove it by using the same size sprocket system used for gear ratio to remove the gears.

4. Disassemble The Handlebars

To take it off the frame, use the Allen wrench to loosen its bolts that are located at the neck. The bolts are usually up to 4 bolts.

5. Disassemble The Neck And Fork

The dislocation procedure typically depends on the bike, which is why check if the BMX bike contains any instructions on how to do so.

Usually, the loosening of the remaining bolts on the gooseneck is done, then the large bolt at the top of the gooseneck will slide away from it. It is important to not lose any bolts or bearings and remember its location.

6. Dislocate The Pedals And Sprocket

The step is optional, as you can choose to mask it when painting, which is suggested for the mountain bike types. You can also disassemble it to put on new and better quality equipment depending on your preference.

To dislocate the pedals, use a wrench for the notches with rings, then use a hammer and screwdriver for the notches the goes counter-clockwise to loosen which will let the whole assembly go off. Do not lose the bearing and for better performance, use grease if gritty.

7. Paint The Bike

In this, choose the paint and the design that you want for the frame. Dislocating all of the parts leaves you with the frame, which will prevent the equipment to seep through the unwanted areas which may affect its performance.

Then, sand the areas for painting and put a coat of primer in it. Apply painter’s tape for intricate designs and patterns. You can apply the paint up to three coats depending on preference. The paints can be either auto body paint or spray paint.

9. Assembly of Parts

When buying new parts, see to it that the parts chosen are applicable for usage on your bikes. Some BMX bikes offer modification but with slight restrictions, and you should know this before doing any customization to prevent any wasted parts. You can also put the existing parts altogether since the application of new parts is not a requirement for it depends on the rider. You can apply the parts the opposite way unto how you removed it, which is why every bolts and position are important.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When ordering and buying a frame, what do I need to know?

As you choose your frame for your BMX bike, you would need to know the existing seat size, head tube type, the size of the seat clamp, and the type of the bottom bracket.

2. Is it preferable to buy new parts or leave the bike as it is?

The choice depends on two reasons, which is the preference of rider and the quality of the parts. If you aim to take your riding career to the next level but notice that some parts can extend its potential, then you may buy new and updated parts to improve your bike.

At the same time, the existing parts are ensured to be made for your bike alone, and so it depends on the decision of the bike enthusiast.

Where To Get It?

Some manufacturers and stores offer custom made bikes which can be either existing in their catalogs subjected to the preference of the majority, or your opinions and wants are needed as they assemble the bike of your choice.

You can inquire regarding this movement on their online website or staffs and is usually offered as you choose your bike. If you already have an existing bike, you can contact them and take it to the location of their choice.

Moreover, if you prefer doing it yourself, be aware of the procedure, and it is suggested to consult the manufacturer or a bike expert regarding the performance of some parts on your bike and if it is applicable.

Conclusion: Modify and Improve!

The modification is done to achieve the improvement of the rider’s skills, which is why it is crucial to do it properly. You can either prefer to do it yourself or ask a professional to do it for you.

As you choose the quality of the new parts, ensure that it is suitable for your bike to have successful customization!